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iCoreTech  partners with you to plan and execute your IT transformation strategy in any of these areas:

The agent in the call center is the face of your company to your customers. An outdated technology can be costly and a frustrating experience for both the agent in the call center and the customer.  We offer services to help you migrate from a traditional TDM based environment to an IP based technology.  

Customer Service Infrastructure


Contact Centers Can’t Handle The Volume?

How your IT organization responds to your business needs  is critical to achieving your business goals.  iCoreTech helps clients transform their  IT to be aligned with the priorities of their business objectives. Please visit the links below.

IT Process Engineering

IT Vendor Management

IT Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

Need More Value from IT?

Make your investment in systems  flexible and robust to bring greater value to your business and customers.  See how we can help bridge the gap by visiting these areas.

Web Systems and Infrastructure

Systems Integration and Consolidation

Systems Development  and Maintenance

Harness The Power of Your Applications

Know Your Customer and Competitor Too...

Do you know how do you measure to customer expectations?  How do you measure against the competition?  Are the agents in the call center doing a good job with customers?  Click on the link to see how BI can help you in these turbulent times.

Business Intelligence Applications

For Information
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IT Strategy